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Chanel Themed Candy and Dessert Buffet-Bridal Shower in New York (Part 1)
Frozen Themed Candy Buffet - Alexa's Birthday
Mickey Mouse Farmhouse - Nico's Candy Buffet
Gold & Blush Candy Table - Simsbury Inn


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Beach Bling Candy Table

As the weather gets colder, we thought we would share some images to remind us of summer.  We designed this gorgeous candy & dessert buffet for Angelica & Kevin's Beach Bling Wedding  held at The Water's Edge Resort & Spa in Westbrook, Connecticut.   The sweets table was styled around their wedding colors of green and brown.   The table was filled with candy and lots of Chocolate Covered Goodies - Pretzels, Strawberries, Apples and Oreos! 

We loved how well the table coordinated with Angelica & Kevin's gorgeous wedding.

Milk Chocolate Covered Pretzels

White Chocolate & Milk Chocolate Covered Oreos


Custom Candy Favor Bags

Peanut Butter Cups....a must have for any candy buffet!

Chocolate Covered Apples with BLING

Up next on the Blog?  A fun candy table for a Moroccan Themed Bridal Shower.

White and Pink Candy Buffet: Bridal Shower

This ones for the girly girls that love all things pretty! Take a look at the glamorous candy & dessert buffet we created for our friend Rosanna's Bridal Shower at the Glastonbury Hills Country Club.  Rosanna surprised her guests with a fabulous sweets table which was blinged out in white, silver and hot pink.   The table was covered in chocolate -  Chocolate Covered Apples, Pretzels and Oreos to name a few.  We also supplied Cupcakes, our popular Mini Apple Pies as well as lots of delicious candies.  Rosanna's friends and family loved the stylish little treats.
Our blinged out Chocolate Covered Apples
Twelve feet of fabulous treats....
Chocolate Covered Pretzel Sticks

Homemade Mini Apple Pies - made with one pound of apples!!

Pretty Cupcakes

Sour watermelon
Rock Candy

Custom Embossed Candy Favor Bags

White & Milk Chocolate Covered Oreos

Thank you for checking out Rosanna's candy & dessert buffet.  Stay tuned for pictures of the Viennese Table we styled for Rosanna & Eric's wedding at the Water's Edge Resort.

Old Hollywood Candy & Dessert Table: Gold and White

What is it about "Old Hollywood" that still leaves us breathless and longing for the good old days?  Glamour never seems to go away, it just changes faces. This is what we think of when we look into the Hollywood some of us can only dream about........lots of glamour and glitz, from feathers to large broches and diamonds everywhere. 

We designed this Gold and White Candy and Dessert Table for a fabulous Old Hollywood photo shoot organized by the talented Julie of Jewel Photography.  The amazing team:

Photographer:  Jewel Photo
Venue:   The Marquee
Candy and Dessert Table:  The Candy Brigade
Dresses:  The Wedding Dress
Men's Apparel:    Modern Formals
Table Centerpieces:   Candi's Floral Creations
Invitations and Seating Cards:   Custom Invitations by Aimee

Here are some of our favorite pics from this fun photo shoot. 
Chocolate candy bars wrapped in Black and White photos of some of our favorite Old Hollywood stars

Our custom designed gold and white gumball necklaces

Rock candy with our custom flags

White and gold Chocolate Covered Oreos
The 2 adorable flower girls checking out the candy buffet
The gorgeous bride and groom 

Vanilla cupcakes with our custom cupcake wrappers and Old Hollywood toppers.  We think these toppers would look adorable with black and white photos of the bride and groom.
Gold and white chocolate covered apples....beautiful and yummy

The flower girls peeking at the candy table

The beautiful candy girls......

Our custom candy favor bags
Candy buffet sign

One of our most popular mail order items.....our Custom Whirly Pop Box with Whirly Pops and Labels - Old Hollywood style

More pics of our Old Hollywood White and Gold Candy Buffet

We added cupcakes to the candy buffet.  More and more couples are opting for cupcakes at their reception instead of the traditional wedding cake.  Cupcake buffets are one of our specialties.

Full view of the gold and white candy table.  We love these colors together.

Cake designed by Erica OBrien Cake Design

More pics of the gorgeous bride and groom.  Do they look like models or what?

Fabulous centerpieces created by Candi's Floral Creations
More details....

Invitations by Aimee created these adorable seating cards

The wedding reception site....The Marquee in Hartford.  Perfect place for an Old Hollywood wedding!

Please contact The Candy Brigade  if you're interested in having us create an over-the-top Sweets Table for your next event.  

Our candy buffets are not just beautiful....they make great favors and are interactive.  They are a topic of conversation as guests mingle around the candy buffet anticipating the grand opening.
We hope you enjoyed the photos!  A special thank you to Julie at Jewel Photo for inviting us to participate in this fun shoot. 

Up next on the blog?  A Candy and Cupcake Table for a Hot Pink and Zebra Themed Sweet 16 in New York.

Black and White Candy Table: Wadsworth Mansion

We're so excited to share pictures of the Black and White Candy Buffet we designed for Jeff and Erica's wedding this past weekend.  We loved how the candy table turned out.  It fit in perfectly at Jeff and Erica's elegant wedding reception at The Wadsworth Mansion in Middletown.
The couple selected mainly white and silver candies and chocolates for their candy buffet.  The table was filled with Jelly Beans, Hershey Kisses, Pearl Gumballs, Yogurt Raisins, Rock Candy, Chocolate Covered Pretzels and Chocolate Covered Oreos.  Jeff and Erica also selected some colored candy such as Sour Patch Gummy Bears and Caramel Creams.  As you will see, we found some creative ways to display these candies without sacrificing the look of the table. 
We would like to send a special thank you to Erica and Jeff for allowing us to be a part of their beautiful day.

Jelly Beans

Rock Candy on a Stick

Caramel Creams

Custom embossed favor bags

Gumball Necklace

.....made from pearl gumballs

Hershey Kisses

Full View of Candy Table

Chocolate Nonpareils

White Chocolate Covered Damask Oreos

Sour Patch Gummy Bears and Custom Signage

Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Yogurt Raisins

More candy....

Peanut Butter Cups
Would you like us to create something similar for your next event?  We can provide you with our full custom service (which includes table design set up and take down) or we can create custom candy buffet items for you which can be shipped to your front door.   Some of our popular mail order items shown on this table include Custom Candy Jar Labels, Custom Candy Buffet Sign, Gumball Necklaces, Rock Candy on a Stick with Flags and Gems and our Tulle Table Skirt.  Please contact us if you would like a candy buffet for your next event.

We hope you enjoyed!! 

Tiffany Themed Candy and Dessert Table: Part 2

We are LOVING the Tiffany Themed Candy & Dessert Table  that we created for the Hartford Bridal Expo.  We shared a few pictures of our table a few weeks ago, but we have SO MUCH more to share. 

Some of our favorite details include the handmade Tiffany Blue Backdrop, which we tufted and adorned with gems.  Do you want the truth?  We stayed up until 3:00 in the morning the night before the show making this fabulous backdrop.  I have to say, it was well worth it!    Take a look at the photos below to check out the backdrop and some of our other cute details. 

By the way, if you're interested in a candy table just like this, please contact us.  We can customize just about everything you see in this blog specifically for you and your event.
Our fun gumball necklaces - we were approached by several different people at the bridal show that were interested in purchasing these cute necklaces.
Do you want to add cupcakes to your candy buffet?  We can do that!  Look how well they coordinate with the candy buffet.

Side view of the candy table

Coconut Jelly Bellies....Yum!!

Custom Embossed Favor Bags (we can even emboss your initials) and our Tiffany Blue Candy Jar Labels.    We can ship our custom favor bags and custom candy labels across the nation and they will arrive at your front door. 

Beautiful Pearl Gumballs and our Custom Whirly Pops in ourTiffany Blue Display Box (also available for purchase).
The Candy and Dessert Buffet.....

Tiffany Blue Chocolate Covered Apples....YUMMY!!!!!

White Chocolate Covered Pretzels, Chocolate Covered Oreos on a Stick and and our popular Rock Candy decorated with flags and gems.

Another pic of our Custom Gumball Necklaces.  What a great addition to a candy buffet!

A close up of our Custom Centerpiece Box.  This one states "Hawkins & Co." as it was made for a couple's wedding and their last name was Hawkins.   Our centerpiece boxes can be customized, shipped and delivered to your front door.
Tiffany Colored Chocolate Covered Twinkies.  We had Chocolate Covered Devil Dogs on the table as well.  

A view of all of the goodies on our fabulous candy table
More pics of the table

We can't forget our homemade mini pies, which come in blueberry, cherry, lemon and our  The apple is made with one pound of apples.  Yes, we said ONE POUND of apples!!   The pies are made fresh one day before the event.  They are boxed with tissue paper and a fork and knife and decorated in your theme and colors.  Our mini pies make great favors for all types of events, weddings, showers, birthdays and more.    They can even be provided as a welcome gift to out of town guests as they check into their hotel. 
Are you interested in having The Candy Brigade customize a candy buffet for your next event?  Would you like to purchase any items on this blog or on our website?  Please contact us for pricing info.

Tiffany Themed Candy Buffet: CT Bridal Expo - Part 1

What a great weekend!  We spent Saturday and Sunday at the CT Bridal Expo where we met so many awesome people!!  

We displayed our popular Tiffany Themed Candy Buffet.  The table contained all of our favorite sweets - Chocolate Covered Oreos, Custom Designed Gumball Necklaces, Chocolate Covered Twinkies, Rock Candy on a Stick, Giant Pixy Stix, Chocolate Covered Apples and more.

We're going to do this blog in 2 parts as we have so much to share.    Here are a few pics from the show.

Rustic Candy Buffet for St. Clements Castle Wedding

Wow.....our second post of the day!  The holidays definitely put us a little behind with our blog. 

We are so excited to share photos of the rustic candy buffet we designed for a fall wedding at St. Clements Castle.  The couple, Jill and Felipe picked out some really fun candies for the candy table.  They had a perfect selection of sweet, sour and chocolate treats for their guests to enjoy. 

Take a look at the pictures and let us know what you think.  

 We provided White Chocolate and Milk Chocolate Covered Oreos topped with the couple's initial.  The Oreos were displayed on our rustic stands.
Coca Cola Gummy Bears (Yum) and a close up of our Custom Candy Jar Labels and Chocolate Covered Oreos.

Reeses Pieces - displayed two ways

One of Felipe's favorite candies, Banana and Apple Laffy Taffy.
Blow Pops!
More pics of the candy buffet....

If you would like to check out professional pictures of this wedding (including additional pictures of the candy buffet), please click here to visit HK Photography's blog.   Their pictures of this wedding are truly amazing!!

Tiffany Candy Buffet - Purchase Custom Supplies

A few weeks ago, we were contacted by a bride who was getting married in Bermuda.   She is having a Tiffany themed wedding and asked if we could send her some of our custom products for her candy buffet.  Our answer................OF COURSE!!  We love to help the DIY brides with their candy buffets!!  Some of the products our Bermuda bride, Marianna requested were Whirly Pops with Custom Labels, Rock Candy with Diamond Flags, Signs for the Candy Jars, Embossed Favor Bags, Fancy Cupcake Boxes with Custom Labels and 2 Signs - one for the candy buffet and another for the cupcake display.

Here are a few images of the items that are on there way to Bermuda.  Wish we could fit in the box!!    Please contact us if you are interested in having us send some custom products to you!

Custom candy buffet sign
Tiffany Blue rock candy with diamond flags
Embossed favor bags
Custom candy  jar labels with gems
Custom sign for cupcake display
Whirly Pops with Custom Labels and Gems

Fancy cupcake boxes with custom labels

Rustic Themed Candy & Dessert Table

We're so excited to share pictures of our Rustic Themed Candy & Dessert Buffet
that we created for a wedding at the Interlaken Inn  a few weeks ago.  For those of you that don't know, Interlaken Inn is a beautiful Country Inn and Resort located on a lake in Litchfield Hills, CT.   This place is gorgeous!   Our rustic themed candy buffet coordinated perfectly with this country setting.

For this event, we had the pleasure of working with LA Productions, a full service wedding coordination and event planning company based out of Long Island, NY.    We worked one-on-one, with the company's owner, Laura to design this beautiful candy table.   We truly enjoyed working with Laura - she really understood her clients' style and vision, which made our job that much easier.

The couple selected so many fun candies and treats - Chocolate Covered Twinkies and Devil Dogs, 15 dozen Chocolate Covered Oreos.  our popular Gumdrop Topiary Tree and Whirly Pop Display...and more.

Oh...We can't forget about the Candy Cigarettes, Pixy Stix and Fun this bringing back some great childhood memories or what?

Ok....who remembers Candy Cigarettes?

One of our favorite details was this Rustic Whirly Pop Display.

We separated the rainbow skittles into individual glass jars - mini spoons were provided.

The Chocolate Covered Twinkies and Chocolate Covered Devil Dogs were displayed on rustic mirrors. Our vendor makes the best Chocolate Covered Twinkies and Devil Dogs!

For this event, we had rustic bags hand stamped with the couple's initials.

Gumdrop Topiary Tree -  if you only knew how much time and effort goes into making this tree............
We placed the Chocolate Covered Oreos in these beautiful vintage stands.  We added a little bling to the stands (because that's how we roll)!

Another oldie, but goodie......FUN  DIP!

More pics of the buffet.....

Orange and Pink Gerber Daisy Candy Table at Eolia Mansion - Harkness Park

If you read our earlier post, you know that we spent yesterday morning setting up a candy table and mini apple pie display at the Water's Edge Resort and Spa.  Well, what you may not know is that we spent yesterday AFTERNOON  somewhere  JUST AS   FABULOUS, The Eolia Mansion at Harkness Memorial Park- a beautiful mansion on the water in Waterford, CT - another great location to have a wedding. 

We went to Eolia Mansion to set up a fun candy and cupcake table for Amy and Chris - who were having their reception at the mansion that afternoon.     Although we never officially met Amy and Chris, we knew they were a fun couple by their candy selection,  wedding colors and style.  The couple requested fun candy such as  Giant Pixy Stix, Whirly Pops, Rock Candy and Candy Necklaces.  They also asked for cupcakes to incorporate into the candy buffet.  They wanted the table decorated in bright pink and bright orange to match their  flowers - orange and pink Gerber Daisies. 

We set up the candy and cupcake buffet  in the garden room in the mansion, which is completely surrounded by floor to ceiling windows with a gorgeous view of the ocean.

After we put the final touches on  the buffet, we headed out to explore the area during the wedding reception.   Since we didn't have to be back until 11:00, we decided to head over to Mystic.  We found a great restaurant, Azu where we sat down to relax and have a nice meal.  It was great to finally relax after being on 2 hours of sleep from the night before.  

After exploring Mystic for a bit, we made our way back to the mansion to breakdown the table.  We walked into the wedding reception and immediately realized we were right about this couple.   The music was going and the couple were getting down to Snoop Dogg (we had to hold Angela and Shannon back from running out on the dance floor).    The mansion was glowing with glow sticks, necklaces and lots of other fun props.   It was clear....we missed a great time!!

As the reception ended, we packaged up any remaining candy and cupcakes for Chris and Amy and headed  home to prepare for our next event - a pie delivery in the a.m.  for a wedding shower in NJ.   Who needs's just a waste of time!

Pics of the beautiful table.......

Rock Candy Flags and Cupcakes.  We provided 75 cupcakes in White, Chocolate and Red Velvet with Orange and Pink Frosting.  We decorated the cupcakes with our custom cupcake wrappers and cupcake signs.
Giant Pixy Stix with Custom Labels

Whirly Pop Tree with Custom Labels

Had to post a few pictures of the Brigade hard at work.  I'm sure the crew will appreciate it - after all this was an 18 hour day and we were on about 2 hours of sleep......