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New York Yankees Candy Table

When we asked our little princess what she wanted to do for her 6th birthday, her response was , "I want a baseball party.......with the New York Yankees".  Hmmm...............her vision was a little different than what we had in mind.  She's always had such beautiful girly parties.   How could we give our little girl the baseball party she was hoping for, but still keep it fabulous and girly?

We came up with the perfect theme.............a "Swanky Yankees" themed party!   The perfect combination of baseball and glamor.  A Yankees themed party, but all glammed out in pink and gold.    Gold is making a serious comeback and we've been dying to use some of our beautiful gold items.  Perfect!

Here are some images of the "Swanky Yankees" candy & dessert table we designed for our adorable 6 year old.   Some of our favorite swanky treats included Chocolate Covered Apples, Chocolate Covered Oreos, Marshmallow Puffs, Bubblegum Jelly Beans, Chocolate Covered Twinkies, Baseball Whirly Pops and a beautiful cake by Sugarbelle.

Not a Yankees fan?   This baseball themed candy table can be designed with any team.  Please contact us for pricing.
Pink and gold candy boxes and Chocolate Covered Oreos.


Rock Candy on a Stick & Chocolate Covered Twinkies

Whirly Pops topped with custom labels

Chocolate Covered Apples & Custom Chocolate Bars

Mini Candy Jars

What's a Yankees party without "Jeter Juice"?  We made these adorable drink containers and straw toppers.

Jeter Juice.....

More pics of the table.....


Our adorable little Yankee fan

Cute & Colorful Candy Buffet

We're so excited to share photos of the cute and colorful candy buffet we designed for a Bar & Bat Mitzvah Show over the summer.  This bright candy table is perfect for a young child or teen party. 

We used only bright and bold candies throughout the table - M&M's, Skittles, Whirly Pops, Candy Dots, Rock Candy & Rainbow Oreos.  Our favorite detail?  The 8 foot long Candy Garland which we handmade using giant rainbow colored gumballs.   Fun!!

Check out the Gumball Garland.....

Gumball Necklaces

We hope you enjoyed! 

Superhero Candy Table

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a.........Superhero Party!  What is it about Superheros that gets the adrenaline rushing in every kid?  Imagine the excitement on Shane's face when he got his first glimpse of his very own Superhero Candy Buffet.  That's right, we created a Superhero Candy Table for Shane's 4h Birthday Party held at the MGM Grand at Foxwoods Resort.  Shane's favorite heros, the Hulk, Iron Man, Spiderman and Wonder Woman all showed up to join the party.  Shane's favorite candies made an appearance too.....Swedish Fish, Jelly Bellies, Rock Candy, Gummy Worms, Pez Heads, Sour Patch, Candy Bars, Gummy Worms and many more.  Below are some pics of Shane's Superhero Candy Buffet.
Custom candy containers and centerpiece box
Our custom designed faux gumball machine
Candy Buffet Sign

Superhero Whirly Pops

Thank you for checking out Shane's Superhero Candy Table.  We would like to thank Shane's mom, Monique for allowing us to be a party of Shane's 4th Birthday Party.  If you would like to check out Shane's Cars Themed Candy Buffet for his 3rd birthday, click here.  Or, if you want some more Superhero inspiration, take a look at our Batman Candy Buffet.

Hot Pink Zebra Print Candy Table

We're so excited to share pictures of the Hot Pink & Zebra Print Sweets Tables we created for Christina's Sweet 16 Party at the Powelton Club in Newburgh, New York.  We created 2 tables for Christina's celebration.  We designed a huge candy table with lots of fun candies...Candy Cigarettes, Rock Candy, Candy Necklaces, Pop Rocks, and many more.  We also created a cupcake table with several different flavored cupcakes.  The cupcakes were decorated with zebra print wrappers and topped with cupcake signs.  

Take a look at the pics of Christina's fun tables.

Candy Buffet Sign & Rock Candy on a Stick

Who remembers Candy Cigarettes?

Zebra Print Oreos & Giant Pixy Stix with Custom Labels

Custom Whirly Pops

Custom Favor Bags & Cupcakes

More pics of the cupcake buffet

Thanks for checking out the photos from Christina's Party.  We have a lot more Sweet 15 and Sweet 16 Candy Buffets to share.....stay tuned for more.

Tiffany Themed Candy Buffet: CT Bridal Expo - Part 1

What a great weekend!  We spent Saturday and Sunday at the CT Bridal Expo where we met so many awesome people!!  

We displayed our popular Tiffany Themed Candy Buffet.  The table contained all of our favorite sweets - Chocolate Covered Oreos, Custom Designed Gumball Necklaces, Chocolate Covered Twinkies, Rock Candy on a Stick, Giant Pixy Stix, Chocolate Covered Apples and more.

We're going to do this blog in 2 parts as we have so much to share.    Here are a few pics from the show.

Yo Gabba Gabba Candy Table: Brooklyn's Birthday Party

We had so much fun creating this Yo Gabba Gabba Themed Candy Table for Brooklyn's 5th Birthday Party.   Brooklyn's mom, Shawna did an amazing job with this party. Yo Gabba Gabba was everywhere - from our candy table to the centerpieces, hats, and gift boxes.  Oh....and the cake!!   Shawna had Hope atA Little Imagination Cakescreate an amazing Yo Gabba Gabba cake - it coordinated perfectly with our table!

This party even had a  DJ and ice cream sundae station!  Brooklyn is one lucky 5 year old.

We custom designed everything you see in this table -the favor bags, signage, lollipop display boxes and all of the labels. We even made DJ Lance's radio.  We have to say, it looked exactly like the real thing.  Here are some of our favorite pictures of the candy table.

Custom Favor Bags with all of the Gabba Characters - Brobee, Foofa, Muno, Toodee and Plex.  We designed the candy jar labels to look like the Yo Gabba Gabba Starburst.

Custom signs to hang on the backdrop of the candy table.

We made display boxes for the Whirly Pops.  This one is of Foofa holding the number 5.
Our popular gumball necklaces made with Yo Gabba Gabba colors

Side shot of the table

Custom designed Whirly Pops and Display Box.  This amazing cake was made by Hope at A Little Imagination Cakes.  We used DJ Lance's radio as the cake stand.

Custom designed Pixy Stix

More pics of the table

We have to thank Shawna for letting us be a part of Brooklyn's special day.  It was a blast! 

Up next on the blog.....a gorgeous wedding at The Riverview in Simsbury.

Batman Candy Table

Did you hear? Batman turned 4!!! maybe we're not talking about the real Batman, but don't tell this birthday boy.  He truly believes he's the one and only. 

So, what did Batman want for his birthday............Candy!!!  The candy table contained yellow and blue candies, chocolate covered Oreos and a fabulous cake designed by Hope at A Little Imagination Cakes.   Take a look at Batman and his fun candy table.
Our little Batman......does he look happy or what?

Tiffany Themed Candy Buffet

We're off to Maryland!!!!   Ok........maybe not us, but our custom candy buffet items are on their way.    Take a look at the gorgeous products that will be shipped to Maryland for a Tiffany  & Co.Themed Sweet Sixteen.  

We really wish we could travel to Maryland to help set up Madison's candy buffet - sounds like her party is going to be over the top!  

Whirly Pops with Custom Labels

Custom Candy Jar Labels

Tiffany Blue Rock Candy on a Stick topped with Custom Flags and Gems

Custom Signage

Custom Whirly Pop Display to hold 60 Whirly Pops and a Custom Centerpiece Box
Custom Candy Buffet Signs

Giant Pixy Stix Topped with Custom Labels and Gems

 We wish Madison's mom, Nina the best of luck with the party.   We know everything is going to be just beautiful!!

Tiffany Candy Buffet - Purchase Custom Supplies

A few weeks ago, we were contacted by a bride who was getting married in Bermuda.   She is having a Tiffany themed wedding and asked if we could send her some of our custom products for her candy buffet.  Our answer................OF COURSE!!  We love to help the DIY brides with their candy buffets!!  Some of the products our Bermuda bride, Marianna requested were Whirly Pops with Custom Labels, Rock Candy with Diamond Flags, Signs for the Candy Jars, Embossed Favor Bags, Fancy Cupcake Boxes with Custom Labels and 2 Signs - one for the candy buffet and another for the cupcake display.

Here are a few images of the items that are on there way to Bermuda.  Wish we could fit in the box!!    Please contact us if you are interested in having us send some custom products to you!

Custom candy buffet sign
Tiffany Blue rock candy with diamond flags
Embossed favor bags
Custom candy  jar labels with gems
Custom sign for cupcake display
Whirly Pops with Custom Labels and Gems

Fancy cupcake boxes with custom labels

Monkey Candy Table

Take a look at this adorable candy table that we created for our little monkey, Kendyl's birthday party last weekend.  The table was full of fun candies like Pixy Stix, Sour Worms, Giant Whirly Pops, Candy Buttons, and Rock Candy.  We designed custom wrappers for the Chocolate Bars.  We also made gumball necklaces and matching bracelets for all of the little girls that came to the party.  They came out so nice that a few of us big girls were wearing them too!    

We have to say thank you to a few people that made this candy table extra sweet.  Thank you to our local bakery who made us our popular Chocolate Covered Oreos.  They did a fabulous job matching the colors to the candy table perfectly.

We also have to send a special thank you to the very talented Hope at A Little Imagination Cakes.   At the very last minute, we asked her to create a monkey cake topper for the birthday cake.  We are so glad that she was able to help us with our last minute request.  The cake topper came out even better than we imagined.  It was so adorable and it coordinated with our candy table beautifully!  Take a look at the pictures and let us know what you think.

Monkey Cake Topper from A Little Imagination Cakes and our custom gumball bracelets.

Custom Labels

Custom Sign

The birthday girl loved her candy buffet!

Custom chocolate wrappers

Whirly Pops with custom labels

Extra special gumball necklace and bracelet for the birthday girl

We made these cute little drinks for the kids - lemonade in mason jars with old fashioned striped straws decorated with a giant gumball.  Oh...and these cute little monkey martinis for the big kids. - garnished with coconut and a banana....Yummy.

Here's proof that the adults liked the necklaces!
Happy Birthday little monkey!